411 pcm tuning software I just don't know if i understood correctly. It doesn't look much different, but the OSS sensor will send incorrect data to the PCM if used in an older vehicle. Go with PID control. If you need to pass emissions or do other functions that depend on this memory, you may have to use a normal PCM. This may be worth it to you guys with built up engines since any dyno shop these days deals with LS engines regularly, and those shops usually won't touch the older OBD1 ECMs. 3/6. 3kW – Tuning Files Available A tuner can simply begin with a calibration file pulled from a Corvette PCM, make necessary changes, and then perform a full flash into any PCM with a matching service number. 0L Engines have proven to be the best harness on the market today. Most applications tend to run in the full emissions category. com software before doing the swap. This is a Delphi service # 12200411 Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that is used in many drive by cable Gen 3 LS engine swaps. pcmperformance. $200. A custom tune from JG is a huge improvement over the canned tune, especially the transmission tune. I ran a dyno tuning shop from 2001-2013 where I repeatedly demonstrated why PCM Unlocking, including Mafless tune, VATS removal, manual/auto software change and fan temps lower -$200. These tank kits are a complete solution for In my 95 OBDI 3800 PCM tuning program I can adjust speedo output divisor and VSS Pulses/Mile and that is basically it for the speedo cal. Guy tuning wouldn't go higher than 24psi cause he said there was an issue with my pcm missing a code of some sort that the tuner was looking for. If you search 411 pcm swap, there's some good reading on the subject. I'm currently in the process of finishing up my nitrous install. IDLE TUNING The following is a collection of idle tuning notes, tips ‘n tricks and How-2’s for idle tuning a big cam (or any cam for that matter) that I used when dialing in my 248/254, . Hope you can prove the statement right, Red Barron. I still cant believe a roughly 11 year old pcm is still stupid expensive to tune. 3 PCMs for tuning. BA Falcon 2002-2005 Rather than flash memory access through the serial data stream at the OBD-II diagnostic connector, the PCM’s flash memory is tied to the tuner’s laptop through a USB connection. C. Forced Induction Tuning packages Since Chevrolet is a subsidiary of General Motors (GM), GM tools and software are used to reprogram a Chevrolet PCM. noticeable difference to the 91 tune. PCM are cheap and you could rework a stock GM harness to save money. 1:08. 2. PCM Tuning Process Flow 1. NOTES: Prices above are for LS1/LS6 Gen 3 motors ONLY. These definition files cover the fuel system, spark advance, emmissions systems, engine idle control, diagnostics, and vehicle and transmission options. redbubble. For GM cars and trucks 1996-2000. An efficient modeling approach for Phase Change Material (PCM) solidification process in multi-dimensions is developed. The L29 will just need the coils/wires and 411 PCM/tune. although i'm not too sure on how big of gains your Don't worry if the PCM is a 411 as you can buy a good PCM from ebay seller "spareecm" for $89. A good catback, CAI, LT's/HF's along with a good custom tune and the 6. 7, and 6. I found a website that sells the 0411 swap kit, including tune and with pin-out sheets and connectors from Lextech for $240. Plus, the new wiring harnesses and re-pinning. 3kW – Tuning Files Available A tuner can simply begin with a calibration file pulled from a Corvette PCM, make necessary changes, and then perform a full flash into any PCM with a matching service number. The Edge tunes we so-so, so I sent the Edge to DP-Tuner. As such there are many more options with the 0411 for tuning over the original truck/SUV 1996, 97 and 98-00 PCMs with the 4 32-34 pin connectors. Typical usage goes like this:1) Use PCM Hammer to read the firmware image from the PCM2) Use other tools, for example Tuner Pro, to edit the various parameters and tables that govern how the engine and transmission Software: TunerPro: Freemium-Yes? https://tunerpro. I have seen a Ramjet 502 Tahoe with a 200 hp wet HP Tuners,& most tuning software does not support the 96/97 black box tho. (And maybe soon V6 as well). ECS Tuning has a long and celebrated history supporting the European car community. 5 bar map sensor Linear and offsets for HPtuners software. We are the leaders in 411 swap kits, supertunes, Procharger tunes and Wynjammer tunes. 030 VR - KTAG 8. 1-channel PCM with fs 96 kHz and 2-channel PCM with fs 192 kHz. SmartSpark ™ LS includes support for LS 1 version and for carbureted GM LS series V8 engines with 24 or 58 tooth crank trigger. 4 Falcons and Territories. The cost of the swap with the purchase of software is steep, but the value is there!! Worth every penny, especially with EFILive. Your Destination for European Auto Parts Enthusiast Built. With EFILive you can alter any tune you have and not pay for it. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) also known as Engine Control Μodule (ECΜ) is a computer that manages the engine's Ignition, Fuel Injection, and Emission Systems. Go with PID control. MAP Sensor Linear: 207. Also, if the name of the shop is revealed will Chrysler drop the hammer on them? 7. GM OBD II (1996 to Current) Silent Thunder Posts: 286 Joined: Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:00 pm Location: Heartland Texas - '96 GMC Ext. 3. The tuning definitions for the '411 PCM are now available. Step 1 Use your web browser to go to GM’s calibration look-up website, and type in your vehicle’s VIN number to check for any programming updates to your PCM. Could you clarify pos custom efi live tune through black bear, nelson, or MJE will be same price but 10000x better than any handheld tune. I can't see anything getting cheaper then that? PARTS INCLUDED: P01 411 RED/BLUE PCM w/PROGRAMMING A PSI PCM is a great addition to your PSI Harness as they are tuned specifically for your set up! With over 15 years of tuning experience, we start by ensuring your PCM has the correct operating system for your Engine & Transmission combination The 411 is a way faster pcm, its been used in many gm cars and trucks. 50 @ 107. This PCM has been reprogrammed as follows: 2001 5. I HAVE a factpoy Suburb. Set Abuse Mode Enable = False C. Went out again and wham! Motor went at 27lb from seeing 27 degrees worth of timing. Supplier to GM. They may be supported soon. MAP Sensor Linear: 94. Set Abuse Mode RPM, Abuse Mode TPS and Abuse Mode Speed = 0 Whats up everyone? ive got an 02 s10 in my shop thats undergoing a 4. x are not even close. If the HP goals are within what I stated above,the The first order of business now that we had our software in hand was to pull the original tune, so we have something to compare to and revert to in case things go awry. Performance parameters of the tune such as ignition and fuel maps may not be altered. Thankyou in advance April 2nd, 2018 #6 Just so everyone knows, the 411 PCM can be tuned using the same Tunercat def. That is a difference you would feel in your butt while driving, even if the new stock 6. This -411 PCM is the newer 512 kb PCM which is the same PCM that the Vettes used with the LS1 engines. 0/5. all plugs wires etc are good from the pcm to the plug on the solenoid pack including the mlps and o2 sensor . I do alot of custom tuning with EFI live but Started by Mitco39 ‎, 02-13-2010 08:01 PM PCM Security Key (USB) supports all bought PCMflash modules from #1 to #76. They are designed and built with OEM quality in mind while still being A 411 ecu is the same for any number of vehicles. everything works fine with the exception of the tranny . The tune will be from an 01-02 Express/Savanna Van. NOTE: For other PCM pin-out charts, take a look at the following: 1993 PCM Pin Out Chart (GM 4. com/programming. Combiloader is the most popular chip tuning software in Russia. Currently, more and more tuning tools are offering high-quality datalogs. First, you need to ask yourself if you are planning on keeping your current powertrain configuration. I was able to grab a few 411's recently to play around with them more. xxmph. Please note: The software interface has been translated into English though some modules are still in Russian only. The cost is $299 and can be purchased through the Order Page at the bottom of the page. Ive pulled the wiring diagrams, bought the PCM and connectors for less than $100. Swapping to teh 411 PCM in a Vortce 305/350/454 truck allows any tuner who tunes with EFILive or HPTuners to be able to tune a 1996-97 GMT400 Vortec 4. 43. 4 PCM's DO NOT support FAN CONTROL) VSS - If using a non electronic trans such as TH350, TH400 or a manual trans, you should KEEP a vehicle speed sensor when possible. you'll get much better gains and net better mpgs which will even out the 2-6$ difference at the pump. Numbers reported by . A non-2010 PCM tune sounds too good. Tuned Port Injection Chevy TPI System. Vortec 454's should be even easier as they can use the original unmodified L21 24x reluctor. We’ll also be tuning the older versions, especially in some of the more loved models of GM vehicles. The newer PCM has a faster processor allowing this along with improved adaptive learning (which is what I was questioning) therefore the car can relearn the change in O2 sensor location. 1 PCM Introduction GM PCM’s with IAC drivers (needed for “Drive by Cable”) SERV. 15. Fired the car, cleared the codes. 3. The flasher is convenient to work with, reliable and has a number of additional functions. htmlhttps://www. The process of tuning an engine with this emulator is fantastic. With a few other mods, it should have some pretty decent low end for crawling these Arizona trails. Fill out our Mailorder Tuning Form. Anyone else getting a bog after launch between 3-4k? almost like the pcm is cutting power, I hate it. We provide the best customer support throughout the process and are here for you afterwards. TunerCat OBD2 Tuner must be purchased with our RoadRunner hardware (either with a complete RoadRunner ECM or just a RoadRunner Guts kit) due to licensing restrictions. Supports cruise control for both cable and electronic throttle. DTS turbo T3-T4 20lbs. 2. Like swapping a new fuel injected motor into and old hot rod. . – 12200411 – xxxxxxxx – 2002 F-Body, Corvette, S10, IAC DRIVERS INSTALLED 09354896 – xxxxxxxx – IAC DRIVERS INSTALLED. Later (LS2/LS3+) engines switched to a different style ECM (E40, E38, E67, E37, etc. 26 Fortune Auto Rear Dampening Adjustment Extenders $45. Then you can get away from the "self tuning" aftermarket ECMs. What tuning software are you using? Dennis When you turn the key off with a RR PCM, the PCM will reset every time. I would run that motor on a GM 411 PCM. I reset TCM and put factory PCM back in before I had the truck towed to dealer. No software is provided. We'll send it back to you within 2 business days. Later (LS2/LS3+) engines switched to a different style ECM (E40, E38, E67, E37, etc. But the marine swap can be be done and works VERY well with the original blackbox PCM the trucks originally came with If running the stock camshaft ((on a 350 or 383+ stroker) 5800+ rpm rev limits really arent necessary. It's for a 1998. Go with PID control. WFLAH PCM Hammer is a tool for reading and writing the firmware on the powertrain control modules that were used in V8-powered General Motors cars and trucks from roughly 2000 to 2007. I wanted to upgrade to the newer DPC-421 programming which is a night and day difference in the stock programming and is easier to tune. Basically a 4R70W has to be used with a 4R70W PCM, and a 4R75W has to be used with a 4R75W PCM. Simply plug in your existing LT engine harness to the TH 24XLink Gen III PCM and the proper connections are complete. I have bought several from them. 4 411 Swap. 0. Our Marine EFI (MEFI) Scan & Tune TM system allows you to download the internal MEFI programming to your PC or laptop with our MEFIburn TM program, change the operating parameters of the controller, and then reprogram the controller with your modifications. - Chips and Sockets RMA: Repairs & Returns Software Cables USB/Emulation/PC Shirts, Stickers, Cool Stuff! Shop by Vehicle WideBand Products Ford 1986-2004 GM 1985-1995 Nissan 1986-1995 Honda/Acura 1988-1995 Driver Download Browse Products Datalog and Reflash Realtime Emulation Chip Programming OBDI/OBDII PCM Tuning/Programming. I made it because a lot of people were asking me to help tune very simple things on their cars, and this will do the same thing. com which have custom operating systems that really help speed things along when boosting or using n2o. You can just do the PCM exchange and save $500. Your LT1 OEM harness has worked for years and will work for years to I own 2 ECU Tuning tools as well as 2 Diagnotics Tools. 56 that I am going to see if I can get running on a 2007MY NGC4 PCM. These are the RED & BLUE PCM connector pinouts that will cover 1999 to 2002 4. This modification is only required once, and all subsequent tuning can be completed via the OBDII port. Do I need to take the pcm by a dealer and have something done prior to going by the tuner or can he handle all of that. Tuner software to get started ($69. You could run a 411 PCM. Requires an EFI 24x™ SBC conversion for coil per cylinder ignition or EFI 4x™ SBC conversion for single coil and distributor ignition. Over the last two decades, General Motors LS and LT engines have gotten better, stronger, and even more efficient. E. Get a free re-tune within a year of purchase (you pay only shipping) It easily connects to any computer through USB and has a -100/+250% fuel change range for more adjustment possibilities. EFI connection has the correct 4X Cam Sync distributor "plug" but they only support the later model Gen VI EFI BBC's at this time. 0 conversion and was wondering the best way to go about preparing the ecu for this. ) that is electrically incompatible with Roadrunner. 8, 5. A. They told me it wasn't and the tune was locked and I'd need a new pcm whenever I got a new tune. One option is to purchase tuning software, learn the basics and DIY, which will be harder with the "black box" ecm (less support). MMCFlash utilises OpenPort 2. 97-07 LS Powertrain Control Module; E37 Powertrain Control Module; E38 Powertrain Control Module; E55 Powertrain Control Module; E67 Powertrain Control Module; E69 Powertrain Control Module; E60 LLY (VIN2) E35 LBZ LMM; Trailblazer/Envoy 03-05 PCM; Ford / Mazda; TCM. 2. This is what interfaces with the ECU directly, you need this guy. Tomorrow should erase the doubts when I swap back to the stock PCM and try to load the canned tune and see what happens. 4. The development of each Mercedes-Benz C 350 V6 Blue Efficiency - 306hp tuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by Dyno-ChiptuningFiles. • Accurate estimations of the solidification time and the heat flux of a finned PCM system are also obtained. All kits come with new Delphi connectors and hardware along with program of your choice. /pcm-pcie. There are universal modules Denso SH705x Bootloader and BSL TriCore. Right now, I send raw PCM to the FFT algorithm, but I was thinking that maybe there are some pre/post algorithms/filters that may improve the detection. I have figured out that I need to pull the #2 fuse to reset the tranny PCM points View and Download Toshiba 24SLV411U owner's manual online. They have been tested on a run stand after programming. GM 2 bar map sensor Linear and offsets for HPtuners software. Set Abuse Mode Enable = False. The PCM needs to know if vehicle is moving. However I am having difficulties with newer cars as I cannot read / write with my existing tuning tools. www Generally HP is considered to have access to more tuning parameters then Diablo. 0 skyactiv's have not yet been tuned yet since MazdaEdit (the remote tuning software) still does not support their OBD ECU security protocol. 4. With 10 throttle positions and the ability to monitor your rides for later tuning use, the Power Commander V is one of the most versatile tuners on the market. If I shut the car off the wrench light goes off, the car runs like nothing ever happeded 408ci Clevor Tuning Part 3 - Trick Flow has a new toy that all the street 'Stangs will be wanting to play with. Ship your computer here. We support flashing and editing all BA through FGX 4. 3L, 5. Working through all the good and bad options to pursue a little more HP. Yes a tune is what you need. You need to swap your BLACKBOX Vortec 96-97 PCM for a 411 PCM and use a base calibration file for a 2001-2002 GMC Savana or CHev Express van as these vans used teh older Vortec 305,350 and were conrolled by the 411 PCM. Our team can help you with most applications. Its ODBII and pretty much anyone could tune it. I have codes 622 and 633 for the koeo test . 2. Also they supposedly run pig rich. This means more power right out of the box. 3, 5. (These PCM signals are referred to as “multi-channel PCM” in this instructions. . 56 gears and a speedo that is accurate. Pin 3 - Signal to PCM - light green-----GM 1 bar map sensor Linear and offsets for HPtuners software. In addition, this receiver is compatible with HDCP** (High-bandwidth Digital I then, repinned and terminated (changed the PCM connections to 0411) the PCM side of the harness and assigned the wires to their designated locations in the 0411. We Congratulations to Tim King who layed down these impressive numbers last night. file that tunes the 01-02 4. Monitor and track your progress; Works with PowerCore Software Suite Engine Management Software. You can install the 12200411 LS based PCM. Thank You ASUS Support Center helps you to downloads Drivers, Manuals, Firmware, Software; find FAQ and Troubleshooting I had installed the diablo unlocked PCM with hemifever tune and was driving without issue for a couple weeks then suddenly the truck would not ship out of park and all kinds of errors/codes popped up. 88 gears Im interested in doing this same swap (411 pcm) I wold like to get the pin-out conversion for my 1998 C2500 7. 42 my wide band shows My 91 gas seems to hold the 93 tune ok. google "4l80e swap relay" for info. 3 to 6. If you choose to follow any of these How-2’s, please do so at your own risk Does anyone have the pinout of the stock PCM's to make a bench harness? I have a LS1 Bench Harness now (0411+) and the connectors are the same, but wondering what the pinout is for the 717 or 735 PCM? Thanks!! Damn, I looked at the calendar to verify it wasn't April 1st. I also have a 2004 Ram 1500 QCSB 5. MAP Sensor Dec 23, 2014 - We are a full service swap conversion online parts company: In addition to wiring harnesses, you will find other components and kits for retrofitting older vehicles with these powertrains including PCM programming, Fuel Pump Kits, Engine Sensors, Extension Harnesses, Replacement GM connector pigtails and a complete line of hardware to complete your conversion needs!. Ignore this step for a standard transmission (M6) and continue to step 2. it shifts into second must use the KTM Flash (PCMFlash) software with dongle + dedicate interface J2534 power box only controls signals: VPP, VECU, VKEY, RESET, BOOT, CNF1, GPT1/2 KESS 5. GM9446 GPU. If this is a 98 Vortec motor,the LT1 intake is not worth the work you would need to do to make it work,nor,are the heads. 7 with 411 PCM This project should be fun. 4 is fast as heck with the 8 speed!:TU: The PCM swap takes less than 20 minutes and is extremely easy. I think the Hemituner\Barth tuning must be tuning 93 oct tune in pcm. 1 and the latest Launch X431 Pro 3 Diagnostics tools. The programs available provide smoother shift or harsh depending on the request. ** This is a service - you need to send in your PCM for us to flash or purchase one from us by selecting ADD PCM in the first option to the right. LT1 411 LS1 pcm swap part 6 Tuning with HPtuners Testing a Windows tablet with PCMtech Ford flashing software @ IMS nigeleyeit 2,314 views. 2 5spd. Both tunes in single pcm is the only way i see that a button could access the 93 tune and race fuel tune. com programmers. 20G Stage 3 on E85: New data: 384 hp 411 tq Forum software by The factory tune has high and low limits for the amounts a fuel adjusted, the MAS reports there is more air but the pcm cannot adjust enough due to the limits in the software. You can buy a very good one from ebay seller "spareecm" for $89. E38 Ls3/L76/Vortec Engine Pcm Programming Service (2006 - Newer) Customer Supplied Pcm. Mods: Thermal Research SS cat back exh. 4 (454) w/ 4l80e trans. DISABLE ALL TORQUE MANAGEMENT – This will eliminate all torque management within the PCM. ive heard it will take 4 credits to do so, requiring a license for the stock ecu and one for the v8 silverado file that needs to go in it. 1L engines. The LS PCM conversion offers sequential fuel injection, 4L60E/4L80E transmission control, and modern easy to use tuning software. Please note this ECU remap fits the BMW M2 with N55B30T0 engine code. 12200411 PCM (24x or 4x) 2001-2002 GM PCM. As that low price they even "tune" if your transmission type, VATS on/off, VIN number and ensure it has the latest 411 software. 08. L98, LS2, LS3, L76, L77 Stand-alone work starts from $750 Above looms are generic and universal, NOT plug and play. In my 95 OBDI 3800 PCM tuning program I can adjust speedo output divisor and VSS Pulses/Mile and that is basically it for the speedo cal. I now have 4. Say hello to the 408ci Clevor. well I'll tell you that wasn't the case. 12 @ 103. We offer GM OBD I and OBD II Tuning for most GM cars and trucks from 1985 to 2013 Most 4 cylinder, Inline 6, V6 and V8 . PCMTec is the leading tuning package for the Australian Ford BA/BF/FG Falcon providing PCM/TCM tuning capabilities that rivals what the OEM uses. BMW tuning goes hand-in-hand with our own racing programs, which sets us apart from the "pop-up flash" tuners on the market. It supposedly requires repinning the (4) LT1 pcm connectors to the (2) 411 pcm connectors, but uses the existing LT1 Harness. Introduction TunerCat OBD2 Tuner is a software package that allows tuning of 96-current GM vehicles. , Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 15. $200. The front pump assembly was revised to a much more efficient design. ALL Mail Order Tuning: Mail Order Tuning Main Page Spare - Replacement PCMs: GenIII 12200411 "411" 512K Bead Blasted Certified PCMs POWDER COATED GenIII 12200411 "411" 512K Certified PCMs GenIII 12586243 1MB Bead Blasted Certified PCMs HPTuner's Pro Tuning Suite and Credits: HPTuner's VCM Suite Professional PCM Tuning Software and Hardware When you turn the key off with a RR PCM, the PCM will reset every time. Each one is custom programmed from your VIN (not really needed), transmission type, VATS delete and a few other options. Any boneyard PCM won't work as-is because of the VATS; it might also have older software and/or the wrong transmission type. 66. For as little as $100 shipped you can get your basic OBDI PCM settings changed ($90 for chips)! Or receive an OBDI Power Tune via email for just $175, or through the mail for $175 shipped ('92-'93 chips, just $175)! Hey Guys, This is my first post here but it seems that this site has the most info on these 411 swaps. the harness doesn't use relays, it is just there to re-pin the trans connector, and to break-out the ISS plug. I have the Kess V2 Master EU Clone and Ktag Master EU Clone. Mercedes PCM Modification Service HP Tuners presents our Mercedes PCM Modification Service that unlocks the MED17. Improper use may cause vehicle damage and or unsafe driving conditions. Now all we need is the ability for tunerpro to flash these pcm's and the 411 will instantly become affordable for the comon man. But flex fuel tables are blank in orig pcm. 24SLV411U tv dvd combo pdf manual download. The SmartSpark ™ LS is a versatile ignition module for GM LS1/LS6 and LS2/LS7 race engines and features selection for GM LS1 or higher energy LS2 style coils. $3-400 at most. See full list on lsenginediy. You need to swap your BLACKBOX Vortec 96-97 PCM for a 411 PCM and use a base calibration file for a 2001-2002 GMC Savana or CHev Express van as these vans used teh older Vortec 305,350 and were conrolled by the 411 PCM. GM 2. I have tried to list all possible wires that will show up 99-02. PCM-1010. TunerPro can flash the RoadRunner, and it's also an Emulator for $599. com Hi Guys, long time lurker and owner of Euro spec ST180 in China and first post. Edit- there are even some folks like hquick running a 411 with a non-express van OS, but with correct calibrations sucessfully. So I read my first one using PCM Hammer, modified the bin in TunerPro with known good xdf files for the 322 OS (and 088) and wrote entire OS and Cal back using PCM Hammer again. Also, EFI Live seems to be my nemesis, as I am not very good with self tuning and don't know how it works entirely (which means I should probably dive in and do it). 5 Bar MAP - Speed Density (E38 ECM - LS2 and other engines) This enhancement contains the following features: Blue Meanie 11. Just need a reluctor swap, some coils/wires, 411 PCm conversion and 01-02 van calibration file and CNP is yours. 0L and 6. 2L trucks rolled into harbor almost totally unchanged as far as their body, frame, and powertrain were concerned. from tuning software Home of the 411 swap and V6 supertune. Doubtful- but I'm hopeful also, nevertheless. 7. Mostly its tune-ablity and the expense to tune it. Your harness MAY NOT have a pin in a location I have listed having a wire. We want to offer you a service to finetune your tuning files according to datalogs. 8/5. PCM TUNING FORM; WHY PSI? LS/Vortec Engine PCM With Programming (Red/Blue) 411 P01. NOTES: Prices above are for LS1/LS6 Gen 3 motors ONLY. 68 from 14. You would be much better off using an aftermarket system,or,something like GM's Ramjet intake. 4L can be over 450 rwhp. The 91 tune just feels like the stock tune with less torque management, 93 tune you can feel it pulling thru the rpms. PCM Hammer is a tool for reading and writing the firmware on the powertrain control modules that were used in V8-powered General Motors cars and trucks from roughly 2000 to 2007. If you need to pass emissions or do other functions that depend on this memory, you may have to use a normal PCM. The pin number at the PCM varies depending on the application: The 1996-97 PCM (Powertrain Control Module = Fuel Injection Computer) on your 4. 028/5. com/i/t-shirt/Impala-by-Neo1996/57207919. US Shift Electronic Transmission Control Systems let you take charge of your 6R80, 4R70W, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, or 4L80E transmission and unlock its true potential. Adjusting the VSS Pulses/Mile affects the shift tables on my program but it is the only way to fine-tune the VSS cal because the speedo output divisor can only be adjusted in multiples of 16 for some stupid Tuning Software is a company that develop modified files for all vehicle. . PCM. The 0411 PCM uses dual 80 pin connectors. It is regularly updated and provided with technical support. I won't be able to maintain my speed. The Ramjet 502(502hp), Ramjet ZL1 all aluminum ([email protected]) crate engines specifically for the Vortec 350 fuel pump. The INTENSE Stage 4 setup helped Tim's car put down 411. Set Abuse Mode RPM, Abuse Mode TPS and Abuse Mode Speed = 0. From bone stock to wildly built 1996-2018 GM cars and Trucks. 9. 3kW – Tuning Files Available A tuner can simply begin with a calibration file pulled from a Corvette PCM, make necessary changes, and then perform a full flash into any PCM with a matching service number. A. The kit includes the tank, a 400 lph fuel pump, internal baffling, a fuel level sender, and the filler neck. Looking for Mercedes-Benz tuning files? This is where you can find top-quality chiptuning files for your Mercedes-Benz, including stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, gearbox tuning files, pop & bang, exhaust flap control, multimap switching, launch control, hard rev cut, no-lift shift and much more. I plan to get an adapter that I can use with LS Droid, so I have all the tools in my kit. Flash pigtail works with PCM service numbers 12200411 and 9354896. The 411 came in many different 2000+ vehicles, however its most notably in the 2001-2002 trucks, Fbodies, Corvettes, Express vans, etc. Cab Sierra 411 pcm. 7. The computer at view fills the application years from 1996-99 CK Vortec engines 4. MAP Sensor Offset: 9 . I have the TCC enable soleoid wire (pin 42) wired to the TCC lockup solenoid. For working on your '94 or '95 LT1 PCM Do-it-yourself ECM/PCM Reprogramming (OBDI & II) If you decide to get into programming for yourself, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. This is often called the "411 PCM". The vehicle will still start as normal. facebook. I really wanted to go coil-per-plug and a GM E38 ECM with a base Corvette Z06 tune for starters and use HPT or EFI Live as my tuning software. 2 PSS Operation 8. Adjusting the VSS Pulses/Mile affects the shift tables on my program but it is the only way to fine-tune the VSS cal because the speedo output divisor can only be adjusted in multiples of 16 for some stupid GM9446 GPU. You should use any third-party’s one, we recommend WinOLS. I have been tuning the 411 PCM with the EFI Live software. GM9446 GPU. As tuners, we won’t just be handling the newest ECMs. 1993 PCM# 16187424 1993 PCM# 16159278 1991-93 PCM# 1227730 3. leftcoast I believe sells a tcm that has been segment-swapped to run a 4l80 natively. Taking an old 350 block, modding for roller cam, Vortec Heads, TPI, run by a 411 pcm, dropped into an '86 K5 Blazer. 0. After flashing Stage 1+, I started having issues with the car such as low boost, erratic idle, huge loss of power - Thanks to Ted Mattes for the the 1st set source, as well as the 2nd set PCM master - Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer - April Fool's intro - "Little Bunny Foo Foo/Itsy Bitsy Spider" tuning, followed by "Thank you very much, we'll be right back" before the start of the 1st set Mastered by Scott Clugston & Charlie Miller January 16, 2018 Hi everyone, I'm stumped I have no tuning experience, And i have been watching the courses now for about 5 weeks, my problem is I am trying to sift back through all the information and i am getting information overload, trying to find how to change my commanded afr, in a older red and blue connector pcm (411), when i manually enter a new commanded value of 14. 0s (2012-13) with the same engine and an inferior 4-1 header, OV tuning has tuned tons of them. S. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD So does the DSP 93 Tune add to the S0,1,2 or 3 PCM to achieve a certain level of power no matter wich PCM we have? Or will the DSP "add to a PCM", creating a higher tune for S1 than S0, and S2 than S1 and S3 than S2. 7—7. ) You can enjoy digital sound without deterioration. b. 7/545RFE/4. . PCM The pcm for this swap is the 411 LSX PCM used in Camaros and Corvettes. We work with the best names in the software tuning business to offer a range of reliable and safe software tuning upgrades for BMW. 7 tune as foundation. These can be downloaded by clicking the links that are located to the right. Team FlashScan and the EFILive software with AutoCal and you instantly have your own custom handheld tuning device - remote tuning has never been easier. For some early 96-97 vehicles, it is often the only solution. Thanks for the info. These cables sets are compatible with the OBDI Ordering a Tune. pcm hammer was not able to read my used '03 pcm, but could read an '02 *411 series pcm. Truly, if you want to go down the rabbit hole, look into the 411 pcm swap and then the motor becomes vastly more tuneable, but to what end? That's your call. Our Specialties. 1. Tuning and Electronics This forum is for tuning devices for the 4g eclipse from piggyback systems to full Stand Alones, Fuel Controllers, EGT readings, Data logging, PCM tuning, Air/Fuel readings and data. Custom BMW software has also been developed for specific upgrades for street and track use. If you decide you like the idea of tuning on your own, visit TunerCat and purchase the C. 3L, 5. Disable VATS Change RPM or speed limiters. PCMflash USB key is sold with at least one module! Package Contents: 1 x PCM security key (USB) Warehouse: In stock Activation time: From 1 to 24 hour (PCMflash modules) Europe Delivery time: 4-7 working days (PCMflash USB key) DHL Express Delivery time WORLDWIDE: 1-3 working days (PCMflash USB key) Optional: Hello I have a problem to monitor QAT card PCIe traffic with PCM. however EVERY 411 PCM will need a tune - Chips and Sockets RMA: Repairs & Returns Software Cables USB/Emulation/PC Shirts, Stickers, Cool Stuff! Shop by Vehicle WideBand Products Ford 1986-2004 GM 1985-1995 Nissan 1986-1995 Honda/Acura 1988-1995 Driver Download Browse Products Datalog and Reflash Realtime Emulation Chip Programming pcm sells a relay "conversion" harness. - 5. 3: Stabilized AMOLED Displays by Process Tuning and Backplane OLED Compensation Reza Chaji, IGNIS Innovation, Inc. 7/7. it is "tricking" a 4l60/70 tcm into running an 4l80. Supports 4L60E, 4L80E, and manual transmissions. At the time, Bill Cohron the Edge expert was working with DP-tuner, and Bill replaced the three Edge tunes with four DP-Tuner tunes plus a stock Ford tune. T. 6 SPEED This service will “tune”, a mildly modified LT1 engine, using basic and fairly safe tuning techniques that I’ve learned. For the Gen 2 skyactiv 2. My Western Diesel single-tune chip for the NVK3 wouldn't work in the MRT3 PCM, so I threw it away and went to an Edge programmer. 0L, 5. If I show a wire, and your harness does not have it, you probably don't need it anyway. . bin to start using tuner pro. The tank is powder coated for corrosion resistance and great looks. Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer Crank Pulley for 350Z (640901) $411. - 383 stroker & marine intake, 411. GM PCM Tuning. 0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine Holley and Sniper will help you to complete your EFI swap with our new EFI Conversion Fuel Tanks. The 411 PCM does have more tuning options, more resolution, better driveability and allows for 5800+ rpm rev limits. Save the new scanner configuration using File -> Save Config. 00. Supernova455 GM Blue ECU/ECM/PCM (whatever you want to call it) 80 pin connector. @austinpop On a side note which filter/settings do you prefer for PCM->PCM upsampling over the internal Ayre filtering? When it comes to settings, I'm a set it and forget it kind of guy. Swap Specialties 24x Standalone wiring harness for GM Gen3 4. I have a 2000 Trans Am M6. 0L or 5. GM V8 Tuning - Engine, Gas (Gen 3) LT1 24X 411 PCM conversion - all of us please step inside ERM Performance Tuning -- Interactive Learning . With features such as automated tuning, data log analysis and ECU firmware updates, PC Link is one of the most comprehensive tuning packages available on the market. Simply signup as a customer and then order a PCM tune! If you still have any questions after reading this, then use the form to contact me! DIY Tuning. The MEFI 4 controller is the the problem as mentioned. 0/5. This real-time tuning solution is compatible with EFILive and TunerCat OBD-II tuning software. 2019/2020 applicability varies by model. 7L Engine Computer P56028941 ECU ECM PCM Programmed to Your VIN Preloaded and Custom Tuning. Open source tuning tools for V8-powered GM vehicles from the early 2000s. 040@125. I started by ordering a 411 off of eBay from a "reputable seller" that promised to have every specification from the buyer put into the computer. That’s accomplished simply by plugging the interface into the vehicle, pulling up the VCM Editor software, turning the key to the “On” position, and then hitting the Flashmasters 2005 Ram 1500 4. , ATP catless DP, HPSI CAI, HPSI boost retainer, FMIC and HPSI IC pipes, EC tuner phase 2, Inline Carbon hood & eyelids, MPX carbon fiber trunk/spoiler, hood props, Mopar slush/cargo mats, R/T decklid emblem, Mopar ground effects kit, Five Axis 19 x 8 rims,General G-Max AS-03 tires 245/35/19, drilled/slotted rotors, ceramic pads, painted calipers, wheel . Dual spark tables is one advantage of these newer PCM's, as well as the opening up tuning software that can be utilized. Use caution when entering values into the real time tuning tables. 90yj, Vortec 350, th400, np205, 14bolt detroit 4. peace Hog I thought that if you upgraded the the 411 pcm and used an express van factory tune it would be fine, and the if you upgrade to an LSX, if you get the engine harness it would plug right in, and require another tune for the new engine. Real time tuning is designed for quick tuning under controlled conditions like an engine or chassis dynamometer. - HWD NO. 36 @ 120. just get the 87 octane tune and you can run normal gasoline but there is a reason most people go premium with these tunes. 10 The PCM may be reprogramed to eliminate anti-theft/PATS/VATS as well as to eliminate emissions controls such as rear O2 sensors, EGR, Evap, etc. I am on the verge of getting my modified pcm and trinity tuner because i feel that i can break into the 10's since my PB is 11. Modified fuel, spark tables and timing compensation at all areas of throttle angle. 0/5. Then you can tune it with EFILive or HPTuners---maybe others too. receiver can digitally receive 5. 00 (4) Dakota Digital Gauges, HPTuners and PCM Home of DIY tuning for the '411 PCM. 99 PCMflash is an integrated software solution intended for reprogramming ECUs and TCUs of Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Honda/Acura, Hyundai/Kia, Renault, Toyota/Lexus and other vehicles. . 25) $84. 67 448 rwhp/411 tq AFR H/C Daily Driver 06 LBZ CC/SB "Wendy" 12. Might be more depending on who does your tuning. The pigtails connect to any 12 V source and include PCM and OBDII connections. 5. I have been following you over at Third Gen. 4: Backplane Process Technology for AMOLEDs with Bottom-Gate TFTs and Laser Annealing Tohru Saitoh, Panasonic Image Devices Development Center, Kyoto, Japan Tuning Software is a company that develop modified files for all vehicle. It seems to be a very good software package, rivaling TunerProRT (I use with OBDI). Discussions of Installations, Wiring & Tuning. Help section Performance Tuning, Supercharger Kits, and performance parts for Mustang, GT500, F-150, and more. As he stated the older PCM's required having "adaptive o2 transport delay added". While two cards produce ~5800 MB/s read traffic for memory and ~3100 MB/s write traffic for memory from PCIe. it has a 411 ecu and cable throttle. 34. If you do not see your application listed in our tuning system please call before sending in your ECM as there may be additional charges. The 411 swap kit is for GM cars and trucks from 1996 to 2000. C5 Corvette Computer Modules are professionally rebuilt by an O. Will it be possible in the future to tune the 2011 GPEC PCM or is the PCM so locked down its just not gonna happen?? Its a question that somebody in the aftermarket KNOWS but will not say for some reason. Ignore this step for a standard transmission (M6) and continue to step 2. Dinan Software-Tuning; PCM; 6. 88, 106"wb With EFILive after I purchase a license, I can do anything I want to the PCM and not spend any more money on it. sean Location Offline Junior Member Reputation: 0. You are now ready to tune using your new enhanced PCM. If you would like a copy let me know, I can e-mail it. anyone had this issue? Its an 05 btw. Hp tuners even has an autotune option to fine tune ve's on the go. 3 engine with 4L60E base tune. Typical usage goes like this:1) Use PCM Hammer to read the firmware image from the PCM2) Use other tools, for example Tuner Pro, to edit the various parameters and tables that govern how I have some drawing for a 94 that have references to the existing LT1 PCM as well as where they go on the 411 PCM. I dont care if it takes a long time to get tuning done. https://www. net. Just purchased a 2008 SRT last week. They told me Find a local reseller that understands your unique needs and who is trained to properly install and configure the Plex Tuning products Call Us: +30 213 03 40031 (M-F 9am - 6pm | GMT+2) · sales@plex-tuning. 1. MMCFlash is downloadable software that supports the OpenECU community for openly shared roms and xml table definitions. Link Engine Management's software package, PC Link*, allows real time configuration of all functions in your Link ECU. The tuner itself has canned tunes on it which will wake up the Ram quite a bit. The Complete MEFI ECM Solution - Tuning, Data Logging, Diagnostics for MEFI1, MEFI2, MEFI3, MEFI4, 4A, 4B. 515-897-4459 PHP Tune your FICM for better fuel economy, less turbo lag, and more power! I haven't experienced this on idle but when accellerating under partial throttle 70-80% wide open between 4000-5000 rpm mine will sometimes begin to miss and hesitate. You just need to make sure the base tune is available from a combination that's close to your own. But I let my tuner do all the tuning,as he's been an HP tuner for 15 years,and i'm scared i'd screw up his Thanks for the reply first of all . Fuel systems are another story. 12576106 – 12570558 – 2003 G-VAN, LM7, IAC DRIVERS INSTALLED. . I have ordered a CAI for it and am trying to reset the PCM to clear the granny shift points in it. I have a race car that I want to switch from a carb to fuel injection and I want to do it with a JTEC PCM and I would definitely like to be able to do the tuning on it with the Pro Tuner Software. We make the most horsepower out of a stock PCM. If you don’t have enough experience in map editing, strongly advised to ask professional tuner for file preparation due your requests. Has anyone experienced lower times once you installed the canned tune onto your Hellcat? Any data on this subject will be greatly appreciated. However, the tune and some pins will be different for certain aspects like DBW. so I would think any OS/PCM that uses the same tables in their calibration could be used for the L31 with data based off the x-van tune put in. As for programming pointers MikeOD and Scott Knight are valuable assets and can provide direction. 88, hp44 4. However I still was planning tuning and had purchased EFILive. I hear you, a cmr tune is the only reason I got the trinity. Then using same pcm a race fuel tune is probably written into the flex fuel tables that are in a Redeye and Hellcat pcm. coming soon 411 pcm and 4. I also have the VCDS 18. FBW (VZ) Additional fee. L98, LS2, LS3, L76, L77 Stand-alone work starts from $750 Above looms are generic and universal, NOT plug and play. Open the VCM Editor>Edit>Transmission>Torque Management B. 03/30/2021. You can't alter a tune unless you license it. I have EFILive and can give you a starter tune--If you get EFILive. ECONOMY TUNE = improved mpg (up to +5MPG HWY for some applications) When you purchase our data-logging tuning service, we will loan you the necessary hardware and software for you to connect to your vehicle's computer and record sensor data while you drive. Attention! PCM software does not contain any hex/bin/map editor. * A. It ran very well before this PCM swap, I chose to do it because of the tuning capabilities and most important (to me) the Tow/haul mode and E-fan control. I… PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell software. All Mercedes-Benz tuning files are custom made and thoroughly tested on a 4x4 state of the art Dynometer. You need to swap your BLACKBOX Vortec 96-97 PCM for a 411 PCM and use a base calibration file for a 2001-2002 GMC Savana or CHev Express van as these vans used teh older Vortec 305,350 and were conrolled by the 411 PCM. 0 Cables. 411 PCM looks like the most promising option. PROGRAMMING OPTIONS ***: Change VIN. PCM of NC VCM Scanner Setup 3. FBW (VZ) Additional fee. They have 7mm bolt in there, wich is kind of annoying but also nice to make sure you don’t accidentally unplug and brick anything. We do not have support for 1994-1997 LT1, 1995-1999 Vortecs, or any Ecotecs. POWER TUNE = spark timing and fuel remapped for more hp/torque. If you need further references for sources PM me and I will share who I have used. Last time I checked, buying a professional software package that's constantly refined and improved to have maximum compatibility PCMTEC Editor allows you to tune cars faster, with less downtime and with more features than the competition. ** GM LS1 PCMs require basic tuning in order to run the LSx engine in a different chassis such as the 240sx, 300zx, Datsun etc. The Gen 3 Mazda 3 (2014+) 2. We use the highest quality wire, brand new OEM connectors, weatherproof fuse and relay box 411 ecu help Post by blackbear10 » Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:31 am I am going with a 12200411 ecu and need the 2002 Chevy express van 5. We provide a no … I am looking for a bin/xdf files from a 01 - 03 GM Service Van with a Vortec 5. At PCMTEC we create tuning software for Australian Fords that rival's OEM tuning software. Buy 1997-2004 (C5) Corvette Computer Modules (PCM) at Zip. 1. Since I'm still in the break in period on my gears, I haven't really tested the performance. Hquick has even mentioned that the different OS seems to work better for The original PCM in my E99 is a DPC-411 which is terrible in the base programming and when chipped. You should then be able to log data and tune LT1 motor using EFILive or HPtuners using vortec 5. This is the 411 PCM: They came in many different 2000+ vehicles, however its most notably in the 2001-2002 trucks, Fbodies, Corvettes, Express vans, etc. Power +66 BHP increase @ 5241 Rpm & Torque +96 Nm increase @ 4820 Rpm. Javascript is disabled on your browser. ALSO C-TRUCK LM7 12582605 – 12580786 – Superchips Australia Stage 1 ECU tune adds +66 BHP (49 kW) & +96 Nm torqe to your BMW M2 F87. I tested the solenoids before installing the new solenoid pack and they are all good even the old one tests good . This allows you to log AFR related values used to tune the Boost VE table. AutoCal®. Each tank is a direct fit for your application-no modifications necessary. Thanks for posting. I would just like to throw out a PSA (Public Service Annoucement) for Pumaspeed's MAXD out tune. MAP Sensor Offset: 10. OBD1 USB/ALDL Cable Sets: We also offer the same high quality OBDI USB/ALDL interface cable sets that are included in the LT1 Tuning kits separately. Well I picked up a new pcm here off the forums and I was wondering what I needed to do before getting the car retuned. There is no tuning software for earlier than a 96 2. (And maybe soon V6 as well). The 2014 F150 5. Also for: 32slv411u, 19slv411u. 0 out LS PCM GEN 3 411 Billet 5) A tuning software like EFILive, or some other way of tuning the 411 PCM to work correctly. Bench Flashing a GM PCM: Sometimes you just cant get to the car to reflash the ECM. Also, unique and that makes this project possible, and found in the 2002 chevy express van -the 411 pcm in this application uses a special 4X operating system. Good work Mike. It has 2x the processing speed of the Black Box PCM. With the price point of the Terminator X and how easy it is to tune with Holley EFI, it doesn't make sense to me to spend a boat load of money on a really good nitrous controller along with the stock PCM. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using Tapatalk Please see this info on our new site here I've already been playing with tuner pro and pcm hammer. im still pretty new so any advice would be appreciated. 3-8. the tcm uses the 4l80's ISS unlike the relay harness The '98 PCM is an odd-ball one. While the vast number of drivers want nothing more than dependable, economical transportation, many of us are looking to OBD-II for extra performance. com https://www. The tune really smoothed out the idle on the 6. ~100 MB/s are reported for reads and for writes. LT1 Tuning Kits:We are now offering complete tuning kits for the 1994/95 OBDI LT1 cars. Unfortunately GM does not support the additional tuning so that leaves you with aftermarket tuning. 7L Engine has a total of 4 connectors. It uses a special tune to allow the old style 18436572 firing order and one coil ignition setup. CUSTOM TUNING: DATALOGGING 2: 18161 Cherryleaf Court Reno, NV 89508-5051 (775) 530-5892 admin@scotthansen. I bought the HP program just for the tranny tuning,plus the fact it'll work on my wifes 2016 Challenger,once my cheap ass buys the unlocked PCM for it,lol. 95). Can you suggest any? My main problem is that when it detects a certain frequency, it shows that frequency for 1-2sec and then jumps to other random frequencies and comes back again and so on In many cases, non-stock performance settings/tuning chips can cause memory loss in some EEPROM’s after some use, but bear in mind that only software obtained from the manufacturer that conforms to the SAE J2534 standard must be used for this to ensure that the PCM is fully compatible with the application. Any of these 411 PCMs will work with the proper tune flashed into them. tune if you would like it. It would be better to get a '02 PCM. New motor in started tuning. Good 411. The 0411 is a 512kb PCM that allows for a higher rev limit than the above 96-00 Vortec 305/350/454 rpo L30/L31/L29 "blackbox" PCM which has a hard RPM limit of 6000rpm which can be raised from the stock 305/350 5600rpm defuel/5400rpm refuel and the stock BBC L29 rev limit of 5000rpm defuel/4800rpm refuel, but no matter how high an rpm above PCM Tuning Process Flow. The engine then runs very lean and can burn up the valves in hot weather, it also produces less HP. User assumes all safety responsibility for use of and values entered into real time tuning mode. View Item OBD-II and performance tuning. 3/5. 6 at the wheels even with low boost numbers due to a bad belt. Watching currently. LS1- LS6 | 411 ECM Performance Base Tuning Tuning and drive-ability are the main concern of any LS1-LS6 enthusiast, at SSW we have calibrated tens of thousands of GM engine computers. Our transmission controllers are compact, packed with features, and have a built-in display for tuning as well as user-friendly software for more in-depth tuning. Where is the VATS pin on my PCM, how do I find it: The VATS signal wire will be labeled (in your vehicles service manual) as VATS, Fuel Enable wire or circuit number 229 and is normally a dark blue wire. You can't even help someone out by having them E-mail their tune to you and you make changes to their tune and send it back. 3/305/350/454 truck. 383 silverado Posts: 266 Joined: Sat Jun 09, 2007 4:22 pm Location: tucson, 97 4x4 3/4 ton, 383 170 e-tec heads, 4l80e, 14 bolt diff. Yes, there were a couple of different paint color options, but with a total generational redesign right around the corner with the 2015 F150s, Ford, for the most part, left the 2014 F150s alone. 00 Full Blown Aluminum Lug Nuts (M12 x 1. In some vehicles, it may also control the operation of the Transmission and Anti-Lock Brake Systems as well. SKU: PCM-1003 . I have programmed out all of the Torque Management, eliminated the PE fuel delay, calibrated the VE tables, recalibrated the MAF tables, put a more performance oriented advance curve in it, and altered the shift points to suit the new found power. The newer PCM is faster and offers more programming options. 51 SC 1057 & Transgo Jr. Successful. Added Crank sensor, Added Cam Sensor and made a coil harness to wrap it up. 1 Processor Mode and Privilege Levels for Software Execution 411 7. From our beginnings as a family-operated service shop, ECS Tuning has become the leading distributor of Genuine, Aftermarket, and Performance parts for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche, or Volkswagen. Thanks Given: 16 Thanks Received: 6 (6 Posts) Posts: 78 Threads: 52 Joined: Sep 2017 1 11-06-2019, 01 The planitary ring gear was revised. Painless Performance benchtop flash pigtails allow you to tune or read your PCM outside the vehicle. GEN 3 PCM CLONE SVC; GEN 4 ECM CLONE SVC; GLOBAL A ECM CLONE SVC; PCM. I hate playing with filters and dither every time I listen to a song. 1997 S10 Zq8, 06 LS2 swap, 0411 pcm, 5 speed, 3. • This modeling approach will have small computational cost for optimal design of a finned PCM system. If we offer mail order tuning for your vehicle, we can delete Passlock/VATS. & Trans by MikeL, Straight piped, SD Sleeves,true downpipe, Banks Ram-Air & McRat tuning Big Blue 04 GMC LLY 3500 SRW CC LB 4x4 DA Big Blue 13. All the replies we have gotten so far have been vague or the subject has been changed. 000 EU PCB TUNING TOOL. Turbo666 once said it "adds" to the PCM tune. 615/. 7 automatic . com/Browns-Performance-969173566468962/ 5) A tuning software like EFILive, or some other way of tuning the 411 PCM to work correctly. net - Has a ‘real time’ version that requires third-party hardware: Hardware: Moates RoadRunner: $600: Yes-? PCM with a USB cable, supports real-time emulation, requires TunerCat emulator ($225) or EfiLive ($1050) I have read/wrote a few of the 896 PCMs as I have used them for my own swaps in the past. We will try to get some better numbers in the future and are looking forward to our next track event where Tim will shoot for 10's. 0 LQ9 411 gear with minor chassis mods. hpquick offered the tunercats, I'll offer up Ed Wright in Tulsa, OK. PCM Unlocking, including Mafless tune, VATS removal, manual/auto software change and fan temps lower -$200. I have the JET DST software for tuning the L31 that I have, I was going to put the V8 in my 2000 Blazer and start with the Suburban tune in my orig. I got my PCM back from pcmforless this past Friday, August 7th. 4. 7L GAS w/ 4L60-E) . Integrated High Definition LCD TV/DVD Combination. a. These kits include everything you'll need to tune these cars. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. 2 and MED17. So if you are familiarized with hp tuners it will be a sweet upgrade As mentioned, this guy on his fb page horsepowertube he made it, but it was on a t56 firebird PCM Supplies GROUND to activate fan relays, MUST us a relay. Loaded base tune. NO. M. Tuning Software is a company that develop modified files for all vehicle. Take the guesswork, time, errors and cost out of the necessary wiring changes for the LS Gen III PCM. 0+ for LS Gen III PCM & Wiring is reliably installed in minutes. 93 tune is where its at . B. We hand build every harness to fit exactly what your project needs and they actually form fit on the engine to make your wiring look and perform perfectly. 622, 112 LSA using HP Tuners. 3 to 7. Speedometer correction for axle ratio or tire changes. I shipped my PCM out to Bryan Herter on Monday August 3rd. Open the VCM Editor>Edit>Transmission>Torque Management. (1996 4. I did a 411 PCM swap in an 89 camaro and I want to use the PCM to control the TCC on a 700R4. The motor makes decent power with 275-300 at the wheels from the ones I have seen. Easily tunablity with EFIlive/HPtuners. I am considering swapping out my Stage 1 PCM to my old stock one and then tuning the stock. 93 466RWHP/928TQ. ) that is electrically incompatible with Roadrunner. For this reason, it’s important to understand the differences in the generations. DISABLE ALL TORQUE MANAGEMENT – This will eliminate all torque management within the PCM. Maybe you want to run a tuning business by mail or your like me and just looking to put something where it just doesn't belong. Earlier on-board computer systems had chips that could be replaced to adjust engine parameters for extra speed and power. Daily driver -1998 S-10 2. 411 pcm tuning software